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How to update Smartboard drivers?

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First of all, you should be aware that updates are available only from version 8 of the program updwards. If you have version 7 or below, you should first uninstall the aplication, after which you should download and install the most recent version available on the developer's website. If you are using version 8, you should also note that the updates you will be able to run are only those available for version 8, itself. The program will not allow you to upgrade to version 9 (the most recent one), which you would have to install separately.

After these preliminary steps, you should make sure that you locate the SMART Board icon. You may do this either by looking through your installed programs in the "Start" Menu, or just through Windows' search function. Afterward, right-click on the SMART Board icon, and choose the option that allows you to check for updates. When the SMART Product Update window opens, you will be able to check which version of the program you system is currently running, and the screen will also display whether you have any updates available. Next, click "Update" to begin the process, and your web browser will take you to the SMART Technologies download page. Finally, you should follow the download and update instructions that you find on the page, and then, throughout the processs, close all other open applications (especially all other SMART Product applications, including the developer's website).

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