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How to install my phone (SNOM 370) back again?

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First, you should connect your SNOM phone to your network and turn it on. By using the menu display on the phone, you should next find the device's SNOM IP Address. Afterward, you should enter the phone's IP address into your web browser. The default login details that you should use are "admin" for username, and "admin" also for the password, and after you introduce them, you should come to the configuration page.

On the menu screen, choose Setup, and then Line 1. In the following configuration screen, please be sure to use your VoIPtalk ID and VoIPtalk Password in the fields for your account and password, respectively. If you ever need to recover your VoIPtalk password, you should just return to your account page, and click on your VoIPtalk ID. The Registrar should be set to:, while the Outbound Proxy should be Here are several other
settings that you should tend to:

Q-value: 1.0
Proposed Expiry: 10 mins
Transport: auto
Offer ICE: off
Codec 1: G.711u
Codec 2: G.711a
Codec 3: G.729A
Codec 4: G.711u
Codec 5: G.711a
Packet Size: 20ms

Next, do not forget to save all the settings that you will have just made. In the Setup menu, select "on" for Advanced Set DHCP, and apply these settings, by pressing "Save."

To conclude and verify your installation, you should attempt to dial 902. If everything has been done in the right way, you should receive a message that will automatically announce you of your device's successful registration.

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