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I want to download "muveehdplusaddon1.0.38.7596.exe" but my SmartScreen filter says that it is dangerous

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I want to download muveehdplusaddon1.0.38.7596.exe but my SmartScreen filter says that it is dangerous and could harm my computer. Do you have any info about this?

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The file you have stated is a addon plus, however there is no harm with this file. All you need to do is turn off SmartScreen Filter from your advanced modes & then download the file. Once it is done, turn on back the smart screen filter & it will be no problem.

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SmartScreen filter is designed to warn you about potential threats but that does not mean it will actually harm your computer. It's best to have an antivirus installed while you try to download that add-on and you will be safe and in case you know that the file is clean then go ahead and download it.

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