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Using other OS on MacBook Pro?

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I would like to use any other OS like Ubuntu, Windows and Backtrack on my MacBook Pro via partitions (e.g. bootcamp) or via virtualization (e.g. Vmware).

I have heard that this harms the MAC OS X system. I also heard that it allows trojan and viruses to access MAC OS X files.

Can I avoid it by installing any of this OS in a external USB Hard Drive.
Is any of this truth?


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Yes, it harms!!! If you're running Mac, you're running UNIX (since 10.5). For instance, you do NOT have a possibility to modify kernel files without your admin password. If you're running Windows, by means of some software, you CAN modify Apple or Linux file system any way you like. For example, put there some trojans.

UPD: you can't avoid this by installing on external drive. The risk stays the same, though very tiny.

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Trojans don't modify kernel files. Also, a trojan only affects Windows OS if it is to get infected and should stick to Windows only. From my experience I have tested Mac, Windows, Backtrack, UNIX everything and I have never heard that any OS installed next to Mac affected its good functionality.

Once you install Windows using Bootcamp the system or any other threat can't access those files in write mode, can't even modify them, only read and reading is also complicated even for a trojan on Windows.
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Do you have a Mac or PC with both Windows and Mac installed? I will send you a trojan for Windows that will kill your Mac.
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I only use Windows right now. When I will encounter this situation with Mac and another OS (Windows), I will contact you. Since our answers are in contradiction, I suppose both replies are to be taken in consideration by the user who asked.
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Off course, user must make his own decision. Also, all posible security issues concerning EFI, Boot Camp etc. can be easily googled.
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I have googled about this but opinions are very different.
Thanks anyway
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I think what you have heard is wrong. Once you install any of those operating systems, there is no possibility that viruses will affect your Mac OS X system. The fact is that Mac OS X is different from them and there are no active threats against Mac OS which means that you can proceed installing any OS you want.

Later Edit: If you plan to install Windows next to your Mac installation, then I suggest you disable/uninstall Apple BootCamp Windows Driver. This way the guest operating system does not have access to your Mac's partition and files.

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Unfortunately, that driver is not the only way to access HFS/HFS+ in rw mode...
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Me dull. You smart. That's just what I nedeed.

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If I were you, I would consider Mac OS X. Though it doesn't support Blu-ray yet, some other softare could fill this up such as Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player, refers to

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