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How to convert MP4 to RealPlayer files?

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Instead of using custom applications that might not get what you want, I recommend on using their own conversion tool. RealPlayer Converter allows you to convert all sort of file formats while being in Basic mode without the need to buy the product. MP4 to Realmedia conversion options are also possible in simple ways. Add video, choose exporting format and Convert. That's it. There is no need to configure advanced features, settings and any unnecessary codecs or modules as these are all bundled in.

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It's strange that according to realplayer official statements, you can play mp4 files with realplayer. So I am confused that you want to convert your mp4 video. Anyway, I know a free video converter. Its name is Any Video Converter Free. You can have a try with this program. Good Luck! :P

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RealPlayer is more than a video player; it’s also a video converter. You can use RealPlayer to do more with the videos you love. The built-in free video converter will easily convert video to just about any video format, eliminating incompatibility issues

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Bigasoft RealPlayer Converter is versatile RealMedia converter to convert RealVideo and RealAudio media file to various video formats as well as to convert any video to video and audio playable with RealPlayer for play and enjoy on RealPlayer.

Windows version at

Mac version at

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Free Studio has a big amount of converters. One of them should certainly help you ;)

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I have been using Realplayer for years to burn DVDs. But recently it stops when it gets MP4, or MPEG4 files. The funny thing is, 2 years ago those same files worked, they just don't anymore. (two years ago I was burning the same files, and was surprised when I got error messages now)

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RealPlayer Video File Formats
3gp m4v rmvb
3gp2 mp3 rv
avi* mp4 wav
flv ra wmv
iv4 ram
m4a rm

Does Realplayer can not support your MP4 file?
Maybe your mp4 decode is not supported. You can try to convert this mp4 to a common video file with a converter. You can try this.
enter image description here

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