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How to convert MKV to MP4?

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I downloaded 25 episodes of Death Note to put on my iPod, but they are all MKVs. I have tried 3 different converters: Daniusoft, Emicsoft, and one other. All of them will only convert 3-5 minutes of video unless I buy the full version. Each episode is around 22-23 minutes long. I am not using a Mac (if that matters), and I am not paying $40 just to use those converters once. Is there any free converter that can manage entire episodes, not just 5 minutes?

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Try to use the universal converter application which allows you to convert between multiple formats. The suite is called MediaCoder and allows you to convert your files in batch that give you many possibilities regarding file customization. Download and install the package, then use ADD and specify the input file format (Video, Audio, etc.). You can select the output format from Video tab > Format.

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I hope the best formatter is Format factory and the video cutter my scrren recorder

try it....!!!!!!

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You can try free online video converter, it supports to convert MKV to MP4. I always use it to convert my videos and it works well.It also has no limitation to the number and size of the video.

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Just try:
format factory
they are freewares.

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Yeah, there are many freewares you could choose. I always use Any Video Converter Freeware, it's functioning well. Hope this help.

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