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How to print using wireless network?

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I bought an Epson XP 605 for another person. He has a wireless network so I want to use that while printing. So, I can see the printer and that the status is ready. I can scan a document. I can copy a document (with the scanner) and print it, but when I try to print from my system it is waiting for a long time and then the message "Can't print the document" appears.

What can be wrong here?

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First you need to check for the drivers. If you're using two different versions of Windows, you will need to install the corresponding driver. Second, the print spooling service could be stuck or stopped. You can check that in the Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. If the Print Spooler service is stopped, please restart it. And third, check the connection to the printer and your wireless device. Most likely this is the reason that it says it can't print the document. The manual states that the hardware should be checked (cable, drivers, connectivity, etc.).

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