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Dell webcam fullscreen recording

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I have an old version of Dell webcam. My computer is at least 4 years old, I'm not entirely sure. Can you record things while they're in fullscreen? Like a game? Most computer games that I play are in fullscreen and I want to record how I am playing it, but I don't know how if it's even possible. If it is possible, tell me how can I get it set that way or if I need to update it. If it isn't possible I wouldn't mind being sent to a website where I can get a download for a program that can record things in fullscreen.

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You could record the screen by keeping the camera in front of the monitor which is not very comfortable. Instead of doing this job you can install software that is capable of running in the background while recording the fullscreen of what you're doing. If you want a simple application, then Fraps is the way to do it but if you need additional video enhancing and editing, Camtasia could be a great choice. In either cases, there a lots of applications available for screen recording. You can also try other applications from this search results.

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