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How can I cut the background music from an audio track?

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I want to cut the background music or the background tune from a song. What type of software can help me?

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You can cut the background audio with the help of the Audacity software. It's an all-around editing tool with great features. Download and install the application, load the file (it is recommended to work with MP3 files) and use Effects > High Pass Filter & Low Pass Filter. You will need to tweak these settings until the desired effect is achieved. After this operation you can save and modify further your result.

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Yes, audacity is a very good freeware to edit songs or other audio. You can google it to have a try~

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If you only need to cut audio track from a song, Audacity is good. However, if you also want to cut other video files later, an audio video cutter in Joyoshare can be considered. It cuts with zero quality loss and fast up to 60X.

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