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Installation of nVidia Graphics Driver 310.90

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Download and installation of nVidia Geforce 310.90 Driver. After having done an Automatic check of my system, I proceeded with the download and installation. The installation failed for the following reasons:

1. NVIDIA Update1.11.3 not installed. 2. PyhsX System Software 9.12.1031: A newer or same version of PhysX is present on this computer. 3. nView 136.53 not installed; Graphics Driver 310.90 failed.

Can you, please, advise how I can fix the problem?

Many thanks, Paul Simons.

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This happened to me when I was trying to update the driver without removing the old one. Please uninstall your current driver package and proceed to a fresh installation. After you uninstall the package, please reboot the computer and upon starting, don't let Windows install its default drivers. When the driver installation window pops out, hit Cancel and then install the newest driver package you have downloaded. Make sure you select Clean option upon installation and it will work.

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Hi Andrew
Many thanks for your answer, but to be quite honest, I am loath to remove my existing GeForce driver in case I mess-up and can’t install the new one i.e. version 310.9.
Have you any idea how I can protect my old driver should I try your suggestion?
With kind regards
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If you uninstall the old one and proceed on installing the new driver, I believe everything will be OK because you can always download oldest drivers from this address:

If it fails, you can revert back to your old driver by downloading it from the address above.
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Had the same thing happen to me. I ended up going to device manager and clicked on the geforce display adapter and then update driver. Browsed to the folder that contacted the update and worked fine.

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