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Looking for network monitoring software with advanced functions.

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We need a product to monitor Internet access and downtime at our customer PCs. It is about 20 local network with Internet access and 5-10 PCs each. The program has to work as a client server and whenever the client is offline, the server has to report it by e-mail or SMS. Please let me know if there are applications like the one I need.


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I know the exact application which may help your business. SpiceWorks has been proven as being an application with great capabilities. I have recommended this software in the past and users and system administrators were surprised that a free application could handle network traffic and provide real-time information in the easiest forms.

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It sounds like you might want an SNMP monitoring tool. I'm familiar with InterMapper, which has alerts and so forth (email, I believe, but they might do SMS) and a very nice user interface. There are plenty of open-source SNMP tools, though, such as net-SNMP that can be made to do what you want with a little tinkering.

My own background is in NetFlow monitoring, which can be made to do what you want, but if I were in your shoes I'd look into SNMP first.

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The value of keeping the network or server up and running 24/7 supports the key to seem performance in the industry world today. Hence, a web server performance monitoring software holds major importance. Knowing their manifold benefits, many companies connected using the area from it or it have already elected for server performance monitoring tools. A method in position allows you to be accessible for customers at anytime and without notice to function.Logicenergy is a renewable energy monitoring solution.

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Have you heard of Impero, Give me a call on 01509 611341 to discuss, You can set up what you want to be classed as a violation. Impero detects keystroke commands as they are entered and screenshots and recorded screen evidence can be emailed across to the appropriate member of staff/ yourself.


Sat Thandi

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Looks like you are looking for some kind of monitoring software to control emplyees, I am using micro keylogger for remote monitoring, you can download free trial at first.

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