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Signal strength analyzer

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Is there software or an application available whereby I can monitor the signal strength of all available mobile phone networks at the same time?

I can monitor signal strength via my android device but currently I have to change SIM card every time I want to monitor the next network. To do this on every network in 3 or 4 nearby locations is too time consuming as it would mean I must change SIM card 20+ times.

Ideally I want to record each network rssi level for a designated location.

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If you want to monitor multiple networks, you will need software which analyzes signal from different sources and an RFID antenna powerful enough to monitor multiple channels. But before that you also need to know at what frequencies the signal is broadcasted. You can do this by simply changing SIM cards and note every frequency the signal is broadcasted then use the required software and hardware to monitor every frequency. You can find products like these using Google.

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