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The driver package for SD600 SATA controller

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I need the ATI SB600 SATA controller driver package to enable SATA mode no raid and AHCI features. I have Windows XP SP3 Professional with an ECS RC415ST motherboard and a Intel Pentium 4 641 HT processor.

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In some cases, the motherboard features a AHCI/IDE configuration right in the BIOS section. You want to install Windows XP but you encounter the "Setup did not find any hard disk" error. This can be solved by going into the BIOS and change the setting. AHCI may be faster but getting it to work could be very hard and it remains the IDE part where it's compatible and it works good enough.

Also, this is a motherboard that was created for partners which they embedded into their systems. Please look for drivers on the partner's support website because you will find all the drivers related to the all-in-on desktop PC.

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