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I am trying to hook up my son's PS VITA and the NAT TYPE is 3. I need it changed to NAT TYPE 2. How do I do this?

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I purchased a PS Vita and it connects to our router perfectly except it lists the NAT TYPE as 3. The PS VITA says in NAT TYPE 3 some of the features on the PS VITA may be restricted. So I was told it needs to be changed to NAT TYPE 2 (they called it Port Forwarding), please tell me what I need to do, in order to do this.


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Please open your router interface on your PC. Log-in with your username and password and navigate to Port Forwarding. Based on the model of your router this option is usually found in the WAN menu. From that point add the IP address of your PS Vita into the port forward fields and open the following ports:

TCP: 80, 443, 465, 993, 3478, 3479, 3480, 5223, 8080
UDP: 3478, 3479

Basically, you will open all these ports for the VITA's IP Address. It's pretty simple once you add the first IP. It should look something like this: (VITA's IP address) 80 TCP

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Hi can u explain a bit more cause this is like imposible to follow but it really annoying because i got blackops declassified but when you clifk multiplayer its says insufficient NAT and thets really so pleqse explain a bit more

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you need to look how to open ports for your router and then just open the given ports on Andrews reply or get the same port numbers from playstations site.

it goes like this:
you need to set up a static IP address for your VITA, if you dont, opening ports for the IP address your vita is set to at the time, would be pointless if its dynamic. Dynamic means that the IP address changes to what ever is open, so depending on if a computer or other handheld device takes over that IP, your Vita's IP would change because it'll go to the first IP free when its dynamic. Static IP addresses always stay the same. so your IP address my dynamically be now, but next time you turn on your vita it might reassign to making any ports open to the original IP not work on the new IP.

For instance my Vita's IP is:, i set the 44 because most likely any smartphone or computer that connects to my router will use one of the first open ip address like anything between 2-43 so its very unlikely ill turn on my vita and some other device will have taken its address which will cause a connection problem.

once you have a Static IP you open the ports for that IP through your routers admin page. For my router you put in the URL in a web browser. Most routers are just instead. If your not sure refer to your manufactures resourses or on a winds go to Run>cmd and at the command prompt just put in the command: ipconfig/all (this will list IP,default gateway,ect,ect which is also needed to set up an IP address.

for my Belkin Router once I am signed into my admin page, I go to a page called Virtual Servers, although its usually called Port Forwarding or something else on other routers I've had.
i put in the values for each port I'm opening and associate it to the static IP of my Vita. its pretty straight forward actually.
Name-Inbound port-TCP/UDP-IP ADDRESS
PSVITA1 - 80 - TCP-
PSVITA2 - 3478 - BOTH -

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port forwarded it doesn't help. just did and nat type 3 still

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