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How to convert VCF files to Excel format?

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There are many applications you can use to convert your vCard file. vcard2xls is an application that converts vCard file format into an Excel table which you can open in an Excel compatible application.

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After downloading the vcard2xls combine all the contacts into 1 file by following the steps below.

Step 1. First Copy all your vcf files into one Folder/directory.
Step 2. Open Windows command prompt (Windows + R),and then type “CMD” to open command prompt and navigate to the destination folder where all your contact files are stored (you can type "CD YOUR PATH" command to reach to your destination).
Ex: you have copied your vcf files in folder named “Contacts” then in command prompt type in “E” drive
cd "Contacts"
Step 3. Enter the following DOS command: copy *.vcf all.vcf

now a "all.vcf" file will be created

open the "vcard2xls" and open this "all.vcf" will be converted into xls format and then save it.
finally you will get a xls file with all the contacts in one file.

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wow!!! this worked wonderfully!!:)) thnx
asked Apr 16, 2014
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Why can't I see my contacts?
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Dear Sir,

I have did all the work you said, but unfortunately in the mobile phone cell it shows "PREF" for almost cells. please provide me a solution.

Thank You


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I exported my phone contacts into a .vcf file. TRied the vcard2xls application but it imports only the first 10 contacts.

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If you want to convert a VCF file to Excel and split the contacts from vcard to excel -
Blog explaining how to import or convert VCF file to Excel

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It works fine for my Android to Excel conversion and also vice versa (Excel Contacts to Android Vcard File). Thanks for the info.
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This blog has Excel Macro code that be modified as per your need.

It has code for Converting VCF to Excel and also Excel to VCF.

It is not fully automated, but it gives basic import and export of data between VCF and Excel.

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Hi, VCF file is not a encrypted file format. If you open it in Notepad the content can be viewed.

It is easy to read the content of VCF and import it to Excel with your own VBA code. A Simple version of the code is explained in this blog.

Related Blog that explains how to import VCF content to Excel

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a free download on this blog will surely help you out to convert contacts like it did to me download it and enjoy your life.

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Try third party reliable app like Excel to vCard converter tool which can easily convert all contacts from Excel sheet into VCF file format. Download freeware version from here to understand the working functionality of the software.

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I did entire process as instructed by you but I couldn't find where all.vcf file has been created.
please help.

Rakesh Singha.

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