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How to uninstall AVG PC Tune Up?

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So, does anyone ever get it off their PC so that we are able to change security agents?

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Use Microsoft Security Essentials.. it's better made for any Windows System your using.. And, it upgrades with Windows upgrade. Then use CCleaner on the backside for optimization, malwarebytes and Super Antivirus Software are great backup anti-virus programs also.. Always run your scans from Safe mode!

When you restart your computer, keep hitting F8 until it queries you if you want to start in safemode.. Say 'Safe Mode with Network Capabilities' so that if your antivirus needs to upgrade it can. Once you get to a command prompt, type 'Explorer.exe' to start up Windows Explorer and so give you access to your start button. Then click what Antivirus you want to scan with and run a full scan.

Running a Virus Scan, not in Safe Mode is practically a complete waist of time!
Oh.. answer to your question; no.. I've never been able to uninstall PC Tune Up.. but you can turn off it's notifications in settings if it keeps asking you to check it..

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If the application refuses to uninstall, you can use the official remover applications from AVG to uninstall their own products. Once you perform the operation, you can install any other security suits you want.

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AVG useally comes preloaded with this sofwere too but you will need to have the full verson of AVG to get it

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As soon as I root out AVG PCTuneUp, I will proceed to uninstall other licenced AVG products on my own and other systems at my school. As an IT teacher, I have previously recommended AVG products to other teachers as well as to students, but I will now advise against using AVG products.

I can't uninstall through the usual Control Panel path, nor by the uninstall manager in the PC TuneUp folder, Windows task manager can't halt its operation, meaning I can't just delete the folder and clean up the leftovers afterwards, Windows Defender informs me that it can't function because of another currently running program; which I suspect is AVG PC TuneUp.
I will never pay another cent to AVG! I have now lost hours trying to uninstall AVG PC TuneUp and its related programs.

I have chatted with an AVG Support representative, who sent me this link for a specific 'PC TuneUp' remover tool, which I have tried to run, but so far has only told me that the uninstall is still in progress and to be patient... that last instruction is a little hard to take after all the frustration caused by AVG.

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