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I have just purchased Spy Clock DVR520 and its Web cam driver STK02N 2.4.1 hasn't been installed correctly on my Windows 7 computer, what should I do?

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The driver has been installed completely, but the "Standard Camera" function doesn't work, as well as the time setting function.

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I have browsed some forums regarding this error you have and it seems that the drivers and the software is totally incompatible with the Windows 7 operating systems. No matter the way you try to install it will just show you the same error as "not being installed correctly". The approach to the problem using File compatibility is not working either. The only operating system where these drivers work correctly is Windows XP, plus modifying the INI and INF files would do no good.

You should periodically keep visiting manufacturer's page to check for newer updates of the drivers.

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Windows 7 is not a supported operating system. The problem is that you will need to take a custom INF file and modify it according to your needs but even this solution has given bad results. It was tried but failed with numerous attempts by users who faced the same problem. It seems it's not compatible at all even if the tweaks are applied correctly.

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