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How can I uninstall Strong Vault?

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I want to uninstall Strong Vault from my computer, but every time I go to the uninstall/change on the main computer it won't allow me to do it.

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I would also suggest that please do note of the sites that you visit, & also that you keep on the malicious defender, since these days there are more infiltrators & foes than friends.

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Please note that this is a hacker tool, a trojan & also a malware, which takes away your information & infiltrates in many ways. I digged some information for you:

This is one of the ways of uninstalling:

AI also has the answer to it:

However, my recommendation would be to for future, install, MSSE ( & also MBAM (, so that in future this does not come up.

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No one recommended this but Combofix is a great way to get rid of these applications. For example, I have used it to remove a worm that was practically shutting down my system without further notice and I booted to Safe Mode and launched this program. Just download and run it and let it scan the computer. It will restart itself when the process it finished. Based on the level of infection the scanning could take from a few seconds to a couple of minutes. After the process is finished, a log will be opened where you can see the procedures applied to your system. Strong Vault is known and added to its database so you can be sure that it will be removed after using this tool.

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