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Project Studio shutdown

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Project Studio shuts down by itself while I'm working on a project and it doesn't save my work. Can I fix this and how?

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You are trying to open a non-supported file or a file which is corrupted. Please check all your files before using them because you will encounter errors like the one above. Also, it's possible that the application is bugged and its needs updating before it can be used to its full capability.

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Sometimes imminent closure of an application is caused by the files that are opened or processed. Please check your files before you add them to the main program because, as you can see, you will encounter problems. In this case the program should give you an error about the integrity of the file but since this is a bug, the program will simply close without further notice.

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This looks like a bug. When you perform a certain operation, the software might not function correctly. Try to check for available updates with the Help menu. If there are any updates available, they should be downloaded and applied automatically. Alternatively, the bug may happen when you perform the same operation. Try to do something else, then use the operation you need.

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