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How to use Bluestacks?

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I read a question someone asked about playing the game Tiny Monsters on their PC and you said to download Bluestack. How exactly does that work? I went to the site and after that I'm not sure what steps to take. Help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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Hi! Just go to and you can download the actual application. It is a good application. :D
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You can play lots on Bluestacks ( but not all) and there are social apps like Facebook, Kik and social apps like that. Bluestacks rulz!!
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Who else uses Bluestacks here?

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Bluestacks is a virtual emulator which emulates a working version of Android OS. It has some features implemented to make it work as it would be a real phone with Android operating system. It installs as a simple application and when it starts, you will have the option to use it as a real phone without the calling capability - just for applications, games, browsing, etc. The software has a built-in app store from where you can download programs and games.

Also, if the PC is equipped with high performance hardware devices, then you will experience high quality of games and applications.

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Good answer :D

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