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Can't find my pictures received in Whatsapp via BlueStacks.

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I am confused. I can't find pictures that I received in Whatsapp via BlueStacks. Can any one help me to find them?

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The pictures are saved to this location: Whatsapp > Media > Whatsapp Pictures. If you want to save them somewhere else, please install or visit Dropbox from the Bluestacks then upload the pictures into your account.

Then you need to browse to the Dropbox website, log in there and you will find the pictures you have uploaded.

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Can you tell everything in steps it will be lot easier i am new to bluestacks!
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Many thanks again for your prompt support and reply. Unfortunately when i tried to install dropbox via blustacks app; it only searching and searching.. i dont know what to do? it doesn't search any apps...

Also; i tried searching Whatsapp>Media>Wahtsapp pictures; but mac doesn't have any such folder.

Please help...

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Bluestacks already registered associations to APK files which in this case you should download the APK file from this location: Run the package and it will be installed into Bluestacks.

Whatsapp folder is inside the Bluestacks application. Use Dropbox file manager to look for the folder and files.
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Hello again,

I am sorry my friend but nothing works out.. :(

I have few very important images on my whatsapp via bluestacks, remember that i am using in mackbook pro with the os 10.6.8

I tried going but it works only in windows, not in mac.

now when i clicked on whatsapp using camara try to click back camera (which i knew i dont have) but now my cammara is also not working :(

If i uninstall whatsapp or bluestacks i believe i will loose all my data which i received via whatsapp. The question is "where do i find images that i received via whatsapp in bluestacks using my mackbook pro?


Best wishes,

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