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How to repair a 3G2 file?

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Recently I have recovered one file from my Samsung S2 which I have deleted by accident. Luckily, I managed to recover it with recovery tools via USB Mass Storage connection, but I realized it cannot be played in my Windows 7. I have software like VLC, Quicktime etc. I believe it is corrupted as I don't see any details when I click on "Properties" followed by "Details".

Is there any software that I can use to repair this file? It is rather important to me since it is a memory that I hope to retain.

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Most likely, you've recovered a corrupted file. This happens when you delete a file and then try to restore it, but the space allocated for the deleted file was overwritten with something else and then you get a corrupted file. Repairing it doesn't work as you will try to restore a portion of the file out of nothing.

I am afraid that your situation is rather sad in this case as there isn't much to do when this happens.

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