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Time scheduling in Visual Basic

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I made a program in Visual Basic (using Visual Studio) that can start a program from My Computer and after some specific time I have defined it to close. For example, I want to choose any program (.exe) from My Computer and set start and stop time about the execution. Like: At 6:00 pm start the Microsoft Word and stop at 7:30 PM. I have uploaded in a text box a file (the path of the exe file from my computer).

I have set the start time of the file's execution.

When the time comes, I get an error. I am looking for the command that gets the file (.exe) from the text box and sets it running at the specific time, when I press the button.

That is the command I have used, but is not working:

MyProcess.StartInfo.WorkingDirectory = TextBox1.Text


Could someone please help me? Thank you very much in advance.

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Please check the paths of the applications. Sometimes the problem is with the spaces in the paths of the exe's. Make sure your software supports this feature.

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