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How can I partition a drive that is already used?

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How can I partition a drive that is already used? I need a detailed procedure.

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Since Windows does not offer the possibility to re-size in-use partitions you will need to use a 3rd party application designed for partition management. In this case you may use Acronis DiskDirector as it's a powerful tool with the ability to modify partitions right in the Windows environment.

Please download the trial version, install it and restart your computer in order for the program to gain exclusive privileges over your hard disk. Once you come back to desktop, start the application (a window will pop up asking you how you want to operate the application - please choose Manual). Once you will see your hard drive(s) simply select the partition you want to re-size and right click it then choose Resize. From the window that appears, drag the right slider to the left of how much your new partition you want to be. A new Unpartitioned Space will appear which you can use to create a new partition or merge it with another. Once you complete these operations, click the start Flag and wait for the process to finish. As the partition will be in use, the application will ask to restart the computer to gain exclusive access. Leave the computer to do its job and when it finishes, it will restart and you will see your newly resized partition in My Computer.

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There are many ways to partition a drive that is already used,which way should you choose? In fact, choosing a suitable partition tool is the best way because it is simple and fast.

Although there are multiple free partitioning tools available for the resizing of a partition, there are only a few tools suitable to partition a hard drive safely without losing data. Even the very popular tool Partition Magic is not able to handle the Windows Vista partitions safely!

Under windows platform, the tool Macrorit Disk Partition Expert can be tried as a first step. Macrorit Disk Partition Expert is the only data safety guaranteed Partition Management Softwarewhich provides power-off protection. That means you never worry about the other software probable safe problems, you can cancel the program in any situation, besides during the operation, power off and other similar damages. So far, it should be the best partitioning software to extend system partition

This article introduce you an easy and safe way to resize partition on windows XP/vista/7/8 and windows sever 2003/2008 step by step with Macrorit Disk Partition Expert, as follows I will start with my windows XP PC as an example. You can also use this way to resize partition on windows vista/7/8 and windows sever 2003/2008/2008-R2/2012.Support both 32 and 64 bits!

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