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How can I restore my Acer Empowering Technology driver if it was deleted?

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My system crashed and my Acer Empowering Technology driver was deleted. How do I restore it?

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It can be downloaded from Acer themselves:

Pick your notebook from the list, choose Windows Vista as the operating system (for some reason, that's the only system that Empowering Technology downloads are offered for), and switch into the 'Application' tab. All the utilities listed there (including the Empowering Technology Framework itself, which you should be installing first) comprise the Empowering Technology driver.

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Go to Acer Drivers and Manuals web page, identify your laptop model, select your operating system and click the Application tab. If you can't find the Acer Empowering Technology software select All instead of Latest. Click Download, save the file to your computer and install the application following the self explained steps.

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