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Suggestion for RIS Server on Windows Server 2003 to create an image file for a client and about server management

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Please tell me procedure to install RIS Server on Windows Server 2003, actually I have installed RIS Server on Windows Server 2003 but how to use it on client because I don't have a console so I am not able to create an image for a client? If any solution is available, kindly inform me and give me a suggestion.

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In order to create an image for a client, you need to open Command Prompt, type: risetup.exe and click Next. Then select Add a new OS image to this remote installation server and provide the install path from the CD and after that follow the remaining on-screen instructions.

To deploy the image to a client, you need to make sure that you are in the same network. Power the target computer and boot from the PXE Network Selection. After the workstation finds the server on the network, enter the username and password, select the created image and wait to deploy.

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