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I am trying to connect my iPad to my Canon MG3200 printer through my wireless connection.

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I am trying to connect my iPad to my Canon MG3200 printer through my wireless connection. We have Verizon FIOS. The blue wireless signal on the left side of the printer is on, but the iPad does not recognize the printer. Any suggestions?

I can connect the Canon MG3200 to another computer using the USB cable, but I can't get the wireless connection to my iPad to work. The iPad is connected to the Internet through my browser.

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The printer has full support for the AirPrint feature from Apple so there's a problem with the network connection. The iPad and the printer need to be in the same wireless network for the devices to recognize each other. Please check the connection of these devices so that they are in the same wireless network.

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Yes, because the iPad can not recognize the printer at all, there is no possibility to connect the two devices. You need to connect your iPad to a computer, then print the things out from the computer.
How can you transfer iPad files to computer for free?

I use Syncios. You can also have a try. For example, transfer photos.

enter image description here

Select My devices on the top menu bar´╝îthen click Photos on the left panel. You will be able to select album to preview and print via the Album List on the right. After selecting photos, tap on Export to copy photos to PC.

Print iPhone Pictures via computer

enter image description here

After the transferring process was done, right-click any of the selected photos and choose Print from the pop-up menu. You are going to see a new windows, from which you are allowed to choose your printer, paper size, quality, paper type, photo layout, and the number of times to print each picture . The last step is to click Print.

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