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Unable to refresh the Software Informer list

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I am unable to refresh the software list for the last 4 days. When I click on 'Refresh', I get a pop-up window that reads:

Software Informer: Error 
Network error. Please check your firewall or try again later.
Details: The system cannot find the file specified.
Code: 2

What should I look for in the firewall? Or are you having a problem?

Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium, SP 1 (kept updated daily)
Firewall: Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
Gateway: CenturyLink DSL Modem/Router/Wireless (ZyXEL Model PK5001Z) (w/integral firewall too)

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As the client says there is something wrong on your side because the servers are up and the "Refresh" button is working properly. Try turning the firewall off for a while and then click Refresh one more time. If it's working then the program is not allowed to communicate with the servers due to the filters applied by the firewall. Please add the application to the Exclusion zone so you'll keep receiving updates in the future.

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I turned off all 5 firewalls involved in my computer and DSL modem, but no change. Prior to this problem, I did not knowingly change any firewall settings. Could it be that some server is blocking me? It's also strange that the Filepuma program also seems to be having some problems. It doesn't show the programs installed on my computer. What is the hyperlink for the Refresh button?
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I think I finally found the cure for my problem. I replaced the sample HOSTS file with the latest HOSTS file put out by Microsoft and everything seems to work OK now.
Thanks for your input Andy, much appreciated! I consider myself a novice, but I'm still learning at age 79.
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i have this problem too
can u help me to solve it?

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