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Problem with Shipnet Fleet during mwSession

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I have a problem. While I open the program, an error pops out: Unlogged Error in frmLogin.OpenDatabase, Is Baseline Database installed? Connect String: Error: -2147467259-[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()). SQL Server does not exist or access denied."

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As the error suggests, you need to install Baseline Database because the software strongly depends on this module. Please install it and try to run the application again. From the same error it also means that the SQL server which handles the database is unreachable or it is not configured properly.

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Error message suggests the database cannot be reached.
- Is the database running on a seperate server and is that server still running?
- Did you have a network dip an did the connection got lost? Try starting the program again.
- Did you report it to the helpdesk?

Good luck

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