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How to create a blog?

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How to create a blog?

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You can use Blogspot. Simply enter your e-mail address or create another one and register for the service. Upon registering you will have tutorials to set up a blog in a few easy steps.

If you have a hosting account and a domain/subdomain then you can install Wordpress which offers a better customization approach to the blogging area. Installation is easy but it requires FTP access for file transferring, a MySQL database for record keeping and PHP for data interpretation.

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To build a attractive blog you can use this site .To build a blog first you need to register a domain name .If you want to register a domain name means you can use that site and then get Quick blog cast service from that site i mentioned here.Using Quick blog cast service You can

1.Publish your thoughts,opinions,comments,and videos in your own blog.

2.It Supports multiple authors and multiple blogs.

3.You can Personalize your Blogcast with your own unique domain name or integrate it with your existing site by setting it up as a sub domain.

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Use Weebly (although not really recommended) or Blogger. Both work somewhat well, but with blogger, don't expect a comment right away. On second thought, just use Blogger. It's easier but requires a gmail account.


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There are certain steps you can follow

  • First you have to select a blogging platform like wordpress or blogger.WordPress is one of platform that is very easy to installs and use.
  • Set up a self-hosted blog on your own domain. You can host on your own by using web hosting services of some popular hosting provider like Bigrock, Bluehost, which are user friendly and give good server response time.
  • Find and install a blog layout/theme. Configure your new blog and
    write your first post.

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