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Looking for free slide show making software

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Is there a program, preferably free, that allows to create slide-shows with subtitles, so you could watch them on your TV from a disk?

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One quick and easy way of creating slideshows is to use a simple tool which has the features you mentioned. The one I used for gallery slideshows is Quick Slideshow Creator. The software is listed and reviewed on the software informer website by the contributors so you can basically get an idea of what this software is about. I have linked its name to the entry on our website so you can check it out. The application gives you the ability to customize the output project just how you want it.

Regarding the TV output, just connect the cable from your computer to the VGA slot on the back of your TV and then play the slideshow.

I have attached an image with the settings you might want to configure regarding the slideshow maker.

Settings Screen

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Bolide Slideshow Creator is free and able to make video slideshow with the text comments and music.

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