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Back up my USB modem firmware

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I have 2 Huawei E160 usb modems, one of which has corrupted firmware. I want to copy the firmware from the good one to the other one, to restore it to 'original' state. I need to do this as a firmware update is no longer available from my service provider (3, Australia) and I don't want the generic version from the 'net.

Does anyone know how I can copy the good version to PC, so that I can re-flash
the damaged one?

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Sorry, I can't advise on backing up the firmware, but the firmware updates seem to be still available at

Granted, the respective download, as well as most of the other downloads, returns 'Method not implemented', but it doesn't (necessarily) mean that the file isn't there. It just means that Vodafone need to sort out their Cachefly permissions. For instance, Google still holds a cached copy of E160's Upgrade Guide, which is stored at the exact same location (and returns the same error now) - which means that the file was still publicly available not too long ago.

Try contacting Vodafone and telling them to sort out their Cachefly settings.

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