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Any free video cutter and editor?

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Due to work requirements, I often need to do some video editing. I got a free lifetime license for a media cutter by participating in Joyoshare's sale activity this summer (if you need: Does anyone know similar events so that I could get a free product? I prefer to try some and then choose the right one that works best for me. Or if you know any easy-to-use video cutter, please let me know. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks in advance and wish all of you a good weekend ahead.
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Just with a simple search on Google, you will be able to get the list of best free video cutter and editor softwares. Let me list some of those softwares for you.

  1. OpenShot
  2. Blender
  3. Lightworks
  4. Shotcut
  5. HitFilm Express

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