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How enable right-to-left input?

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asked by about MultiKey

In 5.1, shift-ctl-h turn on hebrew characters, but input is left-to-right; selecting 'Hebrew' or 'Hebrew RTL' in F12 menu gives same result.

I installed windows 10 hebrew language pack, switched to hebrew; but windows keyboard in effect, not Multikey's

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Literally typing from right to left, in the sense of inserting each typed character before instead of after the last one, was a remedy we needed in the 90ies for inserting short phrases in software that was unaware of Right-to-left scripts.
Those times are long past, so nowadays there should be hardly any demand for such behaviour. It's the word processors etc that will take care of arranging characters typed in logical order in the correct visual order.

However, for special cases you may still open the menu of the MultiKey tray icon and select among the items in "Right to left input" (or press Alt+Ctrl+H).

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