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I got the message DownTango Launcher has crashed. How did I get DownTango and how can I uninstall it if I don't want it?

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Downtango Launcher is an application which allows you to start Downtango software, which is a download manager. This launcher loads the main executable file into the memory for fast accessing and starting and provides optional parameters for the main software. You can uninstall it by using the Add/Remove Programs found in the Control Panel.

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Sorry doesn't work. Not permitted to uninstall. Other ideas?

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If others out there have had a problem with the very sneaky "Downtango" download app that just WON'T disappear, even after uninstalling, here's what to do.
Copy and paste "chrome://plugins/" in your address bar
Once you're in plugins, search for an anonymous plugin that just says:

"browser plugin - Version: 1, 0, 0, 1"

That's your sneaky "Downtango" plugin.
Click "disable" and you're done.
You can now download normally again.
As for the downtango toolbar, which I have heard others have had problems with, I can't help - I have no experience with it.
What Google can do for us is to give us a simple option to totally delete certain plugins, and provide info at a click to find out what they do. Google should also never allow a plugin that does not leave either the publisher or the product name somewhere it can be easily recognized. That's simply polite!
Good luck, Chromers!

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