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Firmware for Motorola Gleam+ to turn on the shining chin.

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Hi, dear friends of Motorola software. I would like to ask for a link to download newest firmware for new Motorola Gleam+, which I've bought for my wife to her 60th birthday. The problem why I ask you is no shining "chin" so, as is shown on videos on Youtube, on more pictures in the world, etc. The firmware from February 2012 in the phone is this one:


Thank you very much for your answer including advice. How to turn on the front lights?


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I am sorry to tell you but the version of the firmware is the latest one which means that you can't update it. I have tried to find a way how to update your phone and couldn't find any.

As for the lights, please perform a Master Reset because the lights are somehow locked. Please go to Settings > Initial Setup > Master Reset and enter 1234 or 000000. Select OK to confirm and wait for the phone to restart. All the devices will be reinitialized and the phone will return to its normal state. If this does not happen, then you may need to visit local service support for Motorola devices.

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Hi, Andrew!
Thanks a lot for your advice but Master Reset can only delete all dates (photos, music, etc. on the phone memory), not change something on the firmware installation. Maybe, Motorola will come with update of the firmware in the future.
Perhaps, the older version of the firmware could help. But how to change the firmware to older versions? I really don't know.

Thanks again,


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