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SQL-Decryptor v2.0 stays minimized on the toolbar

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I use Windows 7. I have installed SQL-Decryptor v2.0 and have been using it. I tried running it but it stays minimized on the toolbar. So I am unable to make it do anything. Right clicking on it and selecting any of the options are of little help. I also tried uninstalling and re-installing it but it does nothing.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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It might be awkward but the solution is still the minimize option. Right click it and use minimize then maximize. You will see that the application will restore to its original state. Another trick to restore the main window of your application is to right click and choose Move then using the arrows on your keyboard, move the windows and you will see that the application's main window popping out.

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I was also one of the victim of this type of problem when I installed SQL Decryptor version2.0. I thoroughly surfing on internet and lastly I got SQL Decryptor version1.0 that easily solves my problem and I got a big relief from this situation. So, try it now and see the magic after that.

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