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Basler camera image converter (.bin to .jpg frame)

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How can I convert a .bin image to a .jpg one obtained from Basler A504KC (German) camera?

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Usually these .bin files contain data used by software or devices where the .bin image is an actual one because as you can see there is only an extension changed and not the content meaning that the header of the file will be identified as an image which you can open in any image editor or viewer.

For example, you can use XnView or any other image viewer to open .bin files only from that device because .bin file could also have different meaning when they are used by other applications. This is something like a .dat file.

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I think you should write your coimalpn in English and send to the Mountain View office, and explicitly saying that you do not want the issue to be solved in a Chinese office.I did that with before, it works.

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