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My DVD Flick keeps coming up with an encoding error message.

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I have DVD Flick. Every time I want to burn something I get an
encoding error and it will not do anything. It says: 'An error occurred during encoding process, 380 from DVD Flick: invalid property value'. Any suggestions?

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Usually when you have converter applications, or burning software which use conversion filters for output, you might encounter errors like the one you are facing now because of the bad configuration of those filters. The error "invalid property value" refers to the fact that a setting is improperly used by a codec or filter and then the program can not export the file properly so it can burn it afterward. My advice is to try and stick with the default settings or use the presets which are closed to what you want rather than modifying the settings how you want. Yes, the program offers you the ability to make changes according to your own needs, but if these changes become incompatible between them then you will get errors.

Also it has come to my attention than changing the medium, could solve your problem.

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