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How can I uninstall Internet Orange Synchonisation?

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A couple of years ago I downloaded Internet Orange Synchronisation. I now want to uninstall this but I'm having problems doing so. When I go to the Control Panel, Programs, Uninstall a Program and select Orange Internet Synchronisation, it tells me I have to close the application before continuing. I go to Orange Internet Synchronisation, open it, close it, go back to the Control Panel and it still says I need to close it before it can be uninstalled. I seem to be travelling in a continuous circle and would be grateful for any advice on how I can get rid of this application once and for all.
Many thanks!

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I guess it would be easier to stop the thing from starting up altogether than it would be to hunt down all those additional processes it launches and fails to stop when you close it. So what I suggest is, go to the start menu, pick Run, enter msconfig, switch to the Startup tab, and uncheck those items that seem to have something to do with Orange synchronisation (or rather, to be on the safe side, uncheck everything that has to do with Orange in general: those are not system-critical processes, and you'll be able to re-enable them afterwards).

After you've done it, restart your system and proceed to Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs straight away. You should be able to make Orange Synchronisation go without any problems.

Then restart your system, run msconfig, and re-enable those Orange-related items that have survived the process.

In case the program should be acting up for you and refuse to uninstall even after you remove it from startup, run services.msc the same way you ran msconfig and stop all Orange Synchro-related services.

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Thanks, Jurgen, this has worked perfectly! Internet Orange Synchronisation has been a pain over the last few months - like chewing gum stuck to the sole of my shoe - and I'm really grateful to you for helping me finally get rid of it!

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