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Date shift - wrong date since beginning of April 2019

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I have a GT-730 logger for some years now. Until 03.04.2019 everything was OK. Since 07.04.2019 I observe a wrong date.
22.08.1999 instead of 07.04.2019 => a difference of 7168 days! (or 19,625 years)

I reinstalled the software on a second test computer. Same problem. I am using the software version 1.1.12.

Is it possible that a limit value has been reached in the software for the date? Do other users have similar experiences?
I would be very happy about feedback - positive or negative.

3 Answers

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I have the same issue.
Some time ago, my friend got a mail from Tom Tom, that there was a change in the coordinate-systems and that there were software changes required in order to get the TomTom work correctly after this change. Something about a leap second... so as far as i know right now: there needs to be a change made by some software to be made.

but i don't know if it's the firmware of the logger or the program with which i try to load the data from the logger that needs to be changed. Sadly, as far as i know, right now, no updates for any component for my logger is available. I hope for a solution very soon!!

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I also (still) have this problem. Has it been solved? I cannot find updates or patches to solve this. Is there a workaround?

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I have the same problem and the same questions. Any answer available?

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