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How do I uninstall "Strongvault Online Backup"?

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asked Oct 27, 2012
edited Nov 2, 2012 by Helen Smith
commented Jan 28, 2013 by manuel Orosco (100 points)
who has it locked me i shure hope not i`ll go crazy
commented Jan 28, 2013 by manuel Orosco (100 points)
there was a gentleman dow the page with this site on it it will go through and find a bunch of thing that are or have add ware on it if you scroll down the page you will find strongvault all you have to do is high lite it click on it and it will remome it i coped andwill paste it here so if u want to get rid of it here it is.

this will take it out of your life forever ok
commented Jan 30, 2013 by Shawn Higgins (100 points)
THIS WORKS! Thank you manuel Orosco. This Strongvault Online Backup was driving me nuts eating up CPU space and causing my computer problems. Thanks for the tip.
commented Mar 11, 2013 by linda 6 (100 points)
I can't delete this prog. I alredy tried the control panel and I can't even find it..Does anyone have any tips..I read what was up here but, I don't understant what little man?
commented Mar 29, 2013 by Gary B (100 points)
I have tried everything to delete this.Microsoft fix it,many malware programs.By accident I wanted to close unused programs ,so I hit ctry-alt-del,I saw strongvault in there.I right clicked and hit open cantaining folder.Deleted all the files and boom GONE.Hope it helps you.

41 Answers

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answered Nov 18, 2012

I need help to remove it as well, someone on a another site mentioned to use windows FIX it, but that also recieved an error, for some terrible reason. All my cleaners can't find strongvault virus, one did find it actually, and deleted it, but it keeps coming back. Please help, I need this gone.

commented Jun 4, 2013 by Lili 3 (100 points)
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answered Jan 5, 2013 by Cliff Lowe (220 points)

Thank you all for your kind comments! Glad I could help. I know how frustrating these problems can be, so when I found that "Fix-It" was the solution, I just had to tell everybody!
Good luck, everyone! Cliff Lowe

commented Jan 10, 2013 by Mary 7 (100 points)
Wow.. Cliff.. you should do this for a living!! I can't thank you enough... The "fix" you gave was quick, simple, and 100% effective! You rock!
Thanks again.. Hope you stick around here...:)
commented Jan 28, 2013 by Bolt Vanderhuge (100 points)
I'm in trouble here. The fix it thing is telling me that something is "expired".
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answered Nov 6, 2012
edited Nov 12, 2012 by Danford Blitz

The above answer did not totally remove all references to StrongVault. Instead, the system persisted in trying to find StrongVault, causing error messages, and blocking all other operations. I finally had to do a System Restore to avoid these problems. Don't know where StrongVault came from. I'm using a refurbished XP machine bought only 4 weeks ago. Don't know whether this came with the PC, or whether it is spam. I've seen Google references to this being called "AVKill". Good luck!

asked May 30, 2013
edited Jun 14, 2013 by Daria Bobyleva 1
Strongvault removing problems.
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answered Nov 23, 2012

same here i removed it but it still causes pop up messages whenever i r click anything im scared

commented Nov 26, 2012 by Cliff Lowe (220 points)
Just found out how to get rid of Strongvault! Microsoft's "Fix-It" works.
Go to
Run it. It should find Strongvault among several options. Select for deletion.
After trying all kinds of 'fix' software, this was the only one that worked!
Good Luck!   Cliff Lowe
commented Jan 4, 2013 by julie 1 (100 points)
This worked! @Cliff Lowe - thank you, thank you, thank you. I had tried endless other ways to get rid of Strongvault, with no luck. I used Microsoft's Fix-It on the link you gave and that nasty little Strongvault seems to be gone. May 2013 shower you with good things ;)
commented Jan 10, 2013 by Dave Austin (100 points)
it works....
commented Jan 27, 2013 by Ed 3 (100 points)
Thank you Cliff! We were contemplating scrubbing the whole computer to get rid of the problem.  I am glad I used Google and typed in "Strongvault" and found that this was a virus and I had to get rid of it for the same reasons everyone else talked about.
commented Jun 5, 2013 by Babs Haddock (100 points)
I tried the link you provided but I'm getting a error code 8004FE2C saying the program encounter a problem trying to connect to the server.  Suggestions?  Thank you in advance.
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answered Dec 30, 2012

I was able to remove strongvault and strongvaultapp with Microsoft's "fix it" it works, thanks. I don't know what it does but I warning lights came on when McAfee said it was trying to access a third party source. I am glad strongvualt is now removed.

commented Jan 20, 2013 by Tom 15 (100 points)
Thanks everyone for the Strongvault answers.  I agree that it is a virus; it was downloaded along with other spam-generating viral software such as Yontoo when I downloaded a clock app a few weeks ago. One day after downloading this software I started getting bombarded with 20-30 SPAMs a day, everything from free samples of Fabreze to ****.  It also caused Internet Explorer to crash whenever I used it.  I realized this about a week later and uninstalled all the unwanted software through the uninstall section in Control Panel (Windows 7). I uninstalled the Strongvault, but today when I opened Task Manager, I saw Strongvault was running in the background.  I'm going to try the tips mentioned above and let you know how it comes out.
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answered Jan 1, 2013

As above, I went to Microsoft, downloaded Fix It and strong vault is gone. I don't know what it was doing or what Fix It did, but that puppy is gone. My computer seems faster and smoother now, too. Thank you Bill Gates.

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answered Jan 4, 2013

I'm very skeptical about installing or using programs I am not familiar with. I installed an audio converter program, and prior to installation I ran a security scan on the program. The scan came back saying that it was safe, so I installed the program. I read the user agreement and unchecked all of the "recommended" additional installs. Immediately after I downloaded said program, this "Strongvault" popped up saying it was successfully installed and began with the pop-ups. I about died! I started panicking when I couldn't uninstall it. The last thing I wanted was to lose all of my precious photos, or things I've written for school, and the last thing I needed was to lose my computer to a virus. THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU who recommended Microsoft Fix It! I was even skeptical to run this program! After what had just occurred, I was a nervous wreck about losing my computer. It IS safe! And it WORKS! THANK YOU!

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answered Nov 15, 2012

StrongVault is a virus................

It cannot be removed

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answered Nov 1, 2012 by Andrew Constandache (100,330 points)
edited Nov 12, 2012 by Danford Blitz

As far as I can see, the application is just like any other, meaning that it does not need additional uninstall steps rater than an ordinary program. As it's software, you can use its uninstaller or the uninstall section from Control Panel: Add or Remove programs (Windows XP) or Users (Windows 7/8).

asked Jan 19, 2013
edited Jan 31, 2013 by Nadia B
What to do when "Fix it" doesn't work?
commented Feb 7, 2013 by Bruce A Kimzey (100 points)
Andrew Constandache, "As far as [you] can see" in this instance is not far enough. This program installs itself without permission and is set up in such a way that, even after being uninstalling using Windows 7 Uninstall, it leaves behind in the Windows 7 registry and elsewhere enough to permit the program to begin reinstalling itself, which it will do if permitted to. (The only way to stop it is to immediately shutdown your computer and do a forced closedown of it, as it will otherwise hold up the shutdown until it has reinstalled itself. The only thing I have found seems to work - and I stress "seems to" is the "install uninstall" automated fix shown above that appears at
commented Feb 8, 2013 by Andrew Constandache (100,330 points)
All my answers are written based on tests. I have installed Strongvault Online Backup and then remove it. Yes, the program had problems uninstalling but then I used Windows Installer Cleanup utility and removed its entry then used CCleaner to wipe all the unnecessary registry related to this application and then I completely removed all the files, directories, startup items and the application was completely wiped from my computer.
commented Feb 8, 2013 by harken (100 points)
Do not follow these instructions if you expect a resolution. This malware is persistent, and after uninstallation you will get "StrongVault Installation Wizard" pop-ups and prompts when you click on folders and/or files in Windows.

To properly remove, download Microsoft FixIt from here:

Follow the steps, remove it, and it wouldn't hurt to run a spyware check afterwards.
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answered Nov 16, 2012

It'a not showing up on my control panel so that I can remove it,but it's annoying because it won't let me get online it has just taken over my computer which is a dell desktop.Need help getting it out of my PC

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