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How can I convert a .xv file to a .rmvb one?

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Hi, can anyone advise how I can convert a .xv file to a .rmvb one?

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The problem with .xv format is that it is a proprietary format used by a Chinese website to deliver purchased movies. If you try to run the file in another player in another country it will simply not work and conversion is out of the question because these files work in conjunction with another proprietary player which is available to customers only. I believe this format is not conversion ready.

For more information, please visit the Microsoft's Answer website. The last comment on the page states exactly what I mentioned above.

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XV file format can be played with the XMP Player that comes bundled with the Xunlei Thunder 7, a Chinese player and downloader. There are no other applications that support this file format.

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TechiSky introduces a free XV converter to convert XV to FLV. Then you can use other free video converter to convert XV to wanted video formats. The free XV Converter works like a charm to convert any XV video to FLV. Google "TechiSky XV Converter" to find the result.

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