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An application to reduce the number of polygons in a 3D model.

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I have a 3D model with 5000 polygons. I need to reduce the number of polygons to 2500. I've found an application that can help me (VizUp Reducer, ), but, in my opinion, the price is too high for a program with so limited feature set. Can anybody suggest another solution for me? Thanks.
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Could you give us any link to VizUp Reducer?

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I didn`t use it, but my friend did. He says, it is not bad for free application.  Can`t give you a link, use any search servise to find it.
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Open-source software to the rescue:
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Hey, VizUp goes as a CAD-like program! Have you ever looked up the prices for any CAD programs? The 149 bucks they want for VizUp Reducer are a real bargain in comparison with 1.200 dollars for AutoCAD.
So, if VIzUp is shareware, I don't see any problem in using it for the purpose you've described in your question.
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Actually, I don't use AutoCAD at all and I'm not really interested in it.

And I certainly have tried the trial version of VizUp. The point is you cannot save changes made to the model.
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And what the reason to use it if you can`t save your changes? =)
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You can try It`s russian website with free- and lowcost-CAD programs. I hope you can find something for you there, and if you are weak in russian or don`t know it at all - search in the google "NANOCAD". 100% you` ll find something for you.


Good luck!

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