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How do I connect a 16 camera DVR to an iPhone?

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My father and I have spent many frustrating hours attempting to connect our iPhones my fathers WiseView 16 camera DVR for his business. He switched over to WiseView when he moved his business in February. He has tried to get ahold of you guys in various ways. A few weeks back a criminal committed the act of arson near his business and almost burnt my father's business down. The next day I looked at the cameras, and I saw the suspect in action, and I saw the suspect as clear as day, of course, I took a picture of it, but it would have been much more efficient to take a screenshot from an iPhone. The pictures I took of the computer screen were horrible, and it would have been fine if I could have pulled the footage up on my phone. The detective I showed the pictures to, could not really identify the person from the image on my phone, and it had already cleared from the computer. Your failure to run the IOS app of WiseView made a suspect of arson to get away. Nobody wants this to happen again. I hope that you are able to fix this issue before you lose a large number of customers.

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WiseView is available for the iPhones. As I can see from its screenshots, it's no different than what I use, therefore, go to the Device section and then follow the instructions on the screen to add the device. Once it's successfully added, return to the Live to see the cameras in real-time or Playback to watch the recordings.

There are multiple ways to connect to your DVR/NVR and one is to use the details on the device inside the WiseView Device adding section.

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