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How do I filter infrared images from raw black and white images in Hokawo?

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asked by about HOKAWO Imaging Software pf07
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I used Hamamatsu camera. I have to filter the image to make the infrared image visible. How can I do that in Hokawo software? Please help me.

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I recommend checking the manual of HOKAWO Imaging Software pf07 because it contains comprehensive data that will help you get the answer to this inquiry.

Also, from the initial search, I couldn't find a way to differentiate the images and sort them based on their composition, just like you mentioned in your question.

Access the following link to download the PDF guide that will give you an ample overview of the available features.

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Thank you for the reply. i would like to know if the problem was with diffrentiating Infrared or electroluminescent images: i am not able to see EL image. i would like to know if there is any parameter to be adjusted to obtain such an image.
Thank you.

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