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Why isn't my HiDraw dongle not working?

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From today morning I am seeing my laptop is unable to recognize my HiDraw Dongle. My laptop shows it as an unknown device. I tried with my friends dongle and that was working. So I do not know what I have to do next. Can you help me out of this?

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The problem with HiDraw is that I can't find it on any of the websites that I've visited it. What I can recommend is to completely uninstall the dongle's drivers from your PC. To do this either uninstall the application that comes with the dongle or simple use the Device Manager and right click it then choose Uninstall device. Sometimes this procedure will remove the software associated with the driver.

After this procedure, restart the PC and then connect the dongle to your PC and follow the instructions. There could be a possibility that the USB Dongle is corrupted and you actually need a new one.

In this case, contact the seller of the dongle and explain the situation.

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