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Why Flagmaker won't run?

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I just installed Flagmaker and when I try to play it it says that it needs a condensed Java Runtime Enviroment, which was missing.

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Indeed it's not running using the EXE file, but here's a trick. Download the TAR archive instead and extract its contents to a folder of choice.

Go to where it's installed and keep Shift pressed then right click inside the folder and choose Open a Command Prompt/PowerShell here then type java -jar FlagMaker.jar and the software will launch.

Here's a window with the app running as I said above in Windows 10:

App's interface

asked Jul 30, 2018 by (120 points)
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Program doesn't work for me.
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This Doesn't Work for me. Can you tell me why. (I use Windows 10)
edit: I tried to do this and it said i couldn't open FlagMaker.jar with cmd.exe
edit #2: do you need the .exe file for FlagMaker2

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