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How to remove the WinZIP's ad?

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My new computer came with the WinZIP ad which keeps popping up constantly and sometimes freezes up. I don't want this as I installed a free Avast program.

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That happens because you're using the free version of WinZIP. It's the same case encountered in WinRAR as well. They display an annoying ad before the program can be used. Unfortunately, it's impossible to remove that ad unless you're buying the application to unlock it or use an alternative.

Yes, WinZIP might look fancy, but there's a free alternative that works very well and it's called 7-Zip and it also doesn't interfere with the functionality of Avast Free Antivirus.

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Thank you for your answer. I have deleted a previous and paid for version of WinZip. Once I pay for a product, I am being abused by any company that tries to enforce a newer version upon me. As a private individual, this should NEVER happen!

I am a happy Adobe user and do not now, or forever in the future, have any need for any product created by Corel. Having used both Adobe and Corel products in the past, I have found the former, while more expensive, to be the premier product.

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