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Syncovery sync with Google Cloud CDN or Google Cloud Storage.

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What are the steps to follow to two way sync between local desktop folder and Google Cloud CDN / Google Cloud storage? I wanted to real time sync these two so that I can put videos on my local drive and it will automatically sync with the Google Cloud CDN or storage and then sync with my website and so on with the help of your Syncovery software.

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If you visit the following page at the Syncovery website, you'll see the proper instructions regarding the Google Cloud synchronization features.

Install the software, then follow the instructions below:

  • Start the wizard and configure the folders (Left side is for local drive, right side is for Google Drive. Click the Globe to choose the Service.)

Configuration Window 1

  • Configure the way synchronization works (in the image is set up to sync from your local folder to online folder; choose my settings as well)

Configuration Window 2

  • Configure additional options for subfolders.

Configuration Window 3

  • Press Next and log-in to your Google Account.

Configuration Window 4

So, right now everything you add on the local folder will be synchronized with the online cloud. It's only a one-way synchronization, but you can adjust settings if necessary as you've seen in these images.

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Robert's answer describes how to set up a profile with Google Drive. For Google Cloud Storage it is very similar, but takes a few extra steps. Google Cloud Drive can be accessed as Google Nearline. Please see

You will probably want to switch to Advanced Mode and choose "Real-Time Synchronization" in the profile and then start the scheduler.

Real-Time features are available for uploading only, because they depend on file system events. If you need real-time in a two-way sync, you need to give the job a regular schedule such as every 5 minutes or even every 1 minute.

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